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Extreme Wave Contour Maps for Nearshore UK

Wave Mapping in UK Waters

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Some of you may be familiar with the HSE document entitled ‘Wave Mapping in UK Waters’ issued in 2005 (ref RR392). This contained a contour map showing 100 year Hs (significant wave height) values for offshore waters around the UK. This map was ostensibly produced for the oil and gas sector, and has proved a useful aid showing indicative values.

Indicative 100 Year Hs Design Values Around the UK

However the availability of information at the time in the nearshore/coastal zone precluded contouring in these areas.  Today with the continued expansion of offshore wind farms there exists a considerable amount of Metocean data and information that has been (and continues to be) collected and modelled in the nearshore/coastal zone, and in some cases further offshore.

I think it is time to try and pool all of this data, information and knowledge to generate a similar map or maybe regional/local maps focussing on the nearshore/coastal zone. Let me know your thoughts and interest.

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