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OceanExpert Ltd is a Metocean consultancy with extensive knowledge and expertise of the offshore environment.

Working with the offshore renewables and oil & gas sectors acting as a Metocean adviser and providing independent verification of Metocean data, analyses and reports.

Metocean Services

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When you have a requirement for Metocean services it is vital that you make the right decisions in terms of potential Metocean contractors to use, data requirements, statistical analyses and report contents.

 For example, the use of insufficient data, inexperienced contractors and limited or incorrect analysis of data can lead to the selection of inappropriate or erroneous 50 or 100yr design values. This can significantly increase the cost of a development or adversely affect safety and integrity.

If your answer is no to the questions above then you will benefit by using OceanExpert Ltd to guide you throughout the Metocean process, recommending optimum solutions and independently verifying the data and analyses.

This will ensure the availability of fit-for-purpose deliverables, such as design values, that can be used with confidence.

Why is Metocean needed?

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All offshore activities, operations and infra-structure are impacted by the weather and sea conditions. The variability of such conditions also poses many challenges for those working offshore. Eg, whilst it is well appreciated that storm conditions can adversely affect activities, calmer conditions can also be a concern if accompanied by poor visibility.

The availability of continuous high quality real-time data, reliable weather forecasts and accurate Metocean statistics can play a major role in reducing costs and improving safety by providing a range of appropriate deliverables. For example:

Failure to provide such deliverables in a timely fashion and with accurate inputs/outputs can have serious safety and cost implications. In this respect there is a need to:

Some of our valued clients

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OceanExpert ensure accuracy and reliability of information which contributes to the safe and cost-effective development of new projects and the operability of existing ones.

How can OceanExpert Ltd help you?

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With there being a wide range of Metocean activities and sources of potential expertise it is important to ensure that an organisation or company that requires Metocean services makes the right decisions.

This is where OceanExpert Ltd can help as Ian Leggett’s considerable knowledge and expertise, and wealth of experience in all matters Metocean acting as an independent consultant, safeguards the clients interests and in particular ensures the reliability and accuracy of design criteria and operational statistics.

The range of services provided by OceanExpert Ltd includes:

"Working with Ian was a true pleasure both personally and professionally. His strengths include a broad and in-depth knowledge of Metocean related matters, an ability to understand and break down complex analytical problems and excellent management and interpersonal skills. What’s more, he has a great sense of humour. In short, the time I spent working with Ian in Aberdeen was most memorable and rewarding."

How to work with OceanExpert Ltd

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Complete the contact form on the website.

Arrange a call with Ian Leggett to discuss your Metocean needs.

OceanExpert Ltd will provide the services and support you need to make your project a success.